BFGoodrich Winter Slalom Tires

Winter Passenger Car tire.


  • Computer-derived, aggressive tread design; highly siped blocks with more biting edges
  • Special XTP (Extra Traction Polymer) tread compound
  • M+S Rated
  • Carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol
  • Molded for studs (Use #12 studs and only where permitted by law)
  • Polyester carcass plies and two steel belts
  • Choice of black, white or raised outline white letter sidewall graphics to match vehicle


  • Exceptional traction and control on snow and ice
  • Excellent traction by keeping tread flexible even at low temperatures
  • Meets the required performance criteria for Use in Severe Snow Conditions
  • Allows extra bite on ice surface
  • Smooth, comfortable ride and long tire life
  • Smart, contemporary styling
  • S-and Q-speed rated; capable of speeds up to 112 mph (S-rated) and 100 mph (Q-rated)


West Valley City

3368 S Redwood Rd
West Valley City
(801) 972-8213

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